Saturday, April 17, 2010

1400 lighters x 3,000 lights per lighter = 420,000 lights

The Dead Lighter Project made its premiere 4/17/2010 at Hempfest in Moscow, Idaho.

Happily, people took interest to it early.

And immediately wanted their picture taken with it.

There were definitely local University of Idaho and WSU students who wanted their parents to pose with them in front of it.

But what was most surprising were the number of parents, and grandparents, who wanted their kids to pose with it.

Hopefully by the time she grows up, we will not use Hempfest celebrations to protest, but instead to celebrate the incredible usefulness of this wonderful plant.

It was quite a popular exhibit.

We are the Dead Lighter Project

Over the last few years, a small group of friends decided that it was time to do something about the sad state of marijuana politics in the United States. Millions of Americans admit to using cannabis, and still it remains illegal. Laws can be changed, but it can be difficult to get someone to stand for something when he or she is threatened with arrest, jail time, loss of ability to receive student loans, and many other punishments. With more than 800,000 arrested on marijuana charges last year alone, we felt the need to find a way for those who live in fear of fear of prosecution to voice their support in favor of legalization.
The 1400 lighters collected, and the 964 on display here are the voices of those disenfranchised citizens. We stand united in the belief that marijuana should be decriminalized, regulated, and taxed. We believe the time to take a stand is now, and there is something you can do. Californians will vote on legalization, and Washington should too. Sign the petition for Washington Initiative 1068, or call someone you know in Washington and tell them to do so. If you live in Idaho, call Tom Trail, and tell him you support his bill for medical marijuana in Idaho, and that you would like it expanded even further. Use your voice, your signature, and your vote to tell our government: These rules are absurd, and they need to change. It is the only way.